About My3gb.com

My3gb.com is a company created to offer free hosting services for everyone on the internet. We offer advanced free hosting services at no cost, including HTML, PHP and MySQL hosting.

How can we do this? Because we offer add-on services, like extra bandwidth or diskspace, we can offer totally free hosting for many. We also have many sponsors who like our hosting so much, they would rather sponsor us then pay a commercial provider.

Our company and our staff are completely dedicated to offering the very best quality and best uptime anyone could wish for a free or paid host alike. Because this is our core business, we are offering this service as it were paid.

Contact My3gb.com

If you want to contact us or require support for us, you can take any of the follow actions:

If you require support, please log into the client system here and create a ticket describing your problem. Alternatively, you can mail .

If you have any presales or advertisement questions or remarks, please contact .

For reporting abuse, copyright violation or any other form of misconduct on one of our member sites, please mail . and tell us about it. We take abuse very seriously and we will resolve all abuse complaints well within 24 hours after reporting.

For all other questions, tips and compliments, you can always mail .

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